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  • Ship type “Fontanka”

    Description: A river passenger ship of the Fontanka type with a low silhouette for passing under city bridges. Fantastic new design, a new look at the architecture of such vessels. The vessel is intended for transport and sightseeing transportation on intracity and suburban lines with a limited duration of voyages. It has a futuristic attractive appearance to attract for walks along the rivers and canals, has no analogues in St. Petersburg and will be of great interest. A feature of the project is the use of a hydraulic steering column, which allows more free placement of the main engine, pumping units with a mounted generator that provides all the needs of the ship’s power supply, the transition from diesel to gas engine fuel. This arrangement allows you to significantly increase the area of cabin. The salon has an echelon and free accommodation of passengers by transforming seats, tables, etc. Closing the passenger compartment with sliding windows on the roof of the superstructure, lowering the side windows along the guides. The cabin has a climate control system. The design of the vessel with division into compartments makes it possible to ensure its unsinkability in case of significant damage to the hull. For the convenience of mooring, a thruster is provided. Design by Alex Swan Design (Alexey Lebedev Design).

    Characteristics: Length 21.0 m, width 5.3 m, draft 0.8 m, engine power 1×110 kW, speed 14 km/h, passenger capacity 88 people. , RKO “O 2.0 (ice10)” .