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    Description: Updated river passenger vessel “Fontanka”, the vessel is intended for transport and excursion transportation on intracity and suburban lines with a limited duration of voyages. The style of the classic motor ships “Fontanka” with new ideas of line-up and opening of the roof. A feature of the project is the use of a hydraulic steering column, which allows more free placement of diesel pump units with a mounted generator that provides all the needs of the ship’s power supply. This arrangement allows you to significantly increase the area of \u200b\u200bthe cabin. The salon has an echelon and free accommodation of passengers by transforming seats, tables, etc. Closing of the passenger compartment is carried out by cassette retractable awnings along the guides, part of the awning is transparent, part is cloth from the sun, water and windproof. Also, the fabric can be completely transparent or combined with any pattern. Infrared heaters are provided in the cabin. They do not heat the air around them, but surfaces and objects, and those, in turn, pour heat into the surrounding space. So imperceptibly the whole room of the cabin warms up. Infrared waves are long, which means they are freely absorbed even in heavily ventilated and cold spaces. Heating itself occurs quickly, immediately after turning on the device. The design of the vessel with division into compartments makes it possible to ensure its unsinkability in case of significant damage to the hull. Design by Alex Swan Design (Alexey Lebedev Design).

    Characteristics: Length 20.3 m, width 5.5 m, draft 0.7 m, engine power 1×110 kW, speed 12 km/h, passenger capacity 120 people. , RKO “R 1.2 A” .