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  • High-speed Ferry catamaran 32m

    Description: The high-speed catamaran is intended for commercial and sightseeing transportations on intracity and suburban routes with limited flight duration. The vessel has an elegant aerodynamic shape with an increase in the bridge, breaking the wave for a comfortable stay on the surface, with advanced glazing and bow failure, allowing to make a forward windshield with a view to the bow, protected by a visor from the crest of the waves. A feature of the project is the use of engines with the transition to gas motor fuel, fuel cylinders hidden under a cap in the stern, a noticeable closure. Pilothouse with access to the superstructure deck to facilitate mooring. The design of the vessel with division into compartments can lead to its unsinkability in case of significant damage to the hulls. Water-jet propulsion units make it easy to flow at shallow depths with ease and have high maneuverability. Design by Alex Swan Design (Alexey Lebedev Design).

    Characteristics: Length 32.0 m, width 8.7 m, draft 1.5 m, engine power 2×1110 kW, speed 32 knots, passenger capacity 199 people. , RS class “KM[2]MHC HSC Passenger A” .