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  • Gladius Swan 700

    Description: Draft cruising boats(yachts), designer Alexey Lebedev (Alex Swan Design). The boat was designed in the tradition of the class, with a well-developed add-in and open the console for it, but there have been some elements in the design that give a feeling of greater size and class yachts and the ability to install rigid roof-canopy, which is embedded in fabric foldable part that gives a feeling in good weather, the lack of it. The diploma of the Union of Designers of Russia — 1 Place at the II all-Russian Competition for the Design of Water Transport and the Water Environment http://www.best-boats.ru/

    Features: Category, length 7.5 m, width-2,48 m draft 0.4 m, the optimal engine 250 HP, max speed 40 knots, passengers 6 people, sleeps 2+1.