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  • Gladius 460

    Description: Draft pleasure boats, designer Alexey Lebedev (Alex Swan Design). When designing the boat, creating the design was the wish that he was like a small car, a convertible, and of course the presence of his large Luggage compartment. For boats provides a tent, as in a convertible rises from the stern curves and encloses the entire cockpit, which provides a comfortable existence in this world in bad weather.
    Given the initially small size of the boat, trying to make the most of free cockpit. To solve this task it was necessary to abandon traditional for such models, the rear sofa — instead it uses two comfortable chairs. In the end, won the seat sufficient to be placed in the boat a convenient table and a driver with a passenger at the console can deploy chairs and sit together not bashing anyone in the cockpit, because the size allows it to be freely arranged. http://www.best-boats.ru/

    Features: Category С, length 4.6 m, width 2.0 m, 0.2 m draught, optimal engine 40 HP, max speed 30 knots, passengers 4 persons